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Check out what credit unions are saying about the CULookup.com Financial Calculators for your website!

"This is a great resource to be able to offer to the members."
– Rachel Fausett, Business Development Officer, Greater TEXAS Federal/Aggieland Credit Union


"During these inflationary times, when budgets are tight, credit unions are open to practical solutions like CULookup.com, and in turn makes us look good for providing this terrific service."
– Marion McCaskey, CEO, TMH FCU


"Our branch managers have used the calculators to promote our online services and have received phone calls about loans because members were on our site checking out the calculators themselves."
– Katelyn Andrews, Marketing Coordinator, Webster First FCU


"CULookup.com has helped us continue to offer calculators on our website when we were looking at reducing expenses. The CULookup.com calculators saved us close to $500 a year. In addition, it was easily customizable then what our previous vendor had offered us so the calculators integrated well."
– Jason A. Vitug, Vice President Membership Development, Tyco Federal Credit Union


"We had previously used more simple calculators on our website, but the wide range of topics and more specific information provided by the CULookup.com Calculators proved to be invaluable to our members."
– Jennifer Montalbano, Marketing Project Analyst, AmeriCU Credit Union

"HealthNet Federal Credit Union appreciates having the ability to customize colors for the CULookup.com calculators that we have posted on our website. Anytime publicly viewed information can be aesthetically pleasing and complement the existing branding of the company, it upgrades the quality of the representation. Thanks, NAFCU Services, for providing this option!"

– Angie Kerby, HealthNet FCU

"Having the custom colors option available to us has helped to make the calculators feel like a fully integrated part of Coastal's website. Our web presence is a quilt of third-party solutions; being able to bring them together with cohesive branding is essential in creating a seamless experience for our members."

– Joeseph Mecca, Coastal Federal Credit Union

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